Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Very Interesting Read

Ryan Pyette of the London Free Press had a column on the Akim Aliu situation. The first line is great because the incident happened right after he signed a three year deal with the Chicago Blackhawks. Just like Herb Brooks said in the movie Miracle, "you can't win on talent alone." In this case, Aliu can't make the NHL on talent alone, nothing will ever be handed to him. Even it was one practice during training camp, you need to working as hard as you would in a game. Because the coaches are always watching, even though he's most likely penciled into the line-up, the coaches are watching to see who wants to be the leader. Hopefully Aliu learns his mistakes now then later. In the pros, they won't put up with it.

The Jared Knight situation has gone way to long. Sure he committed to something and didn't follow through on his contract. All the kid wants to do is to play hockey. I thought that's what USA Hockey primary goals was to let the kids play. What does that only go to the kids who just play in house leagues? Kids change their minds all the time, I know 20 and 21 year olds that don't know what they want to do with their lives. USA Hockey expects 16 year olds to know what they want? Please, take the 50,000 dollars and let the kid play. He has missed exhibition games because of politics. He needs that time on the ice.

Some other transfer news, the KHL says the NHL is poaching players. What I love about this is the fact the KHL is worried about 18 year olds. They are worried about the signing of 2008 Draft picks Vjateslav Voinov and Andrei Loktionov who were both drafted by the Los Angeles Kings. Please how much would they contribute in the KHL anyways this year? Nikita Filatov, has been cleared to play in North America this season. This war has no ending in sight.

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Anonymous said...

If USA Hockey is charging $ Knight to go play JR hockey in canada. Then should the Hockey Canada charge $ it's players for coming over to the US to play US College Hockey.

SimonTemplar said...

Another Knight poster sent me a head-up that J Knight got his release sometime Satuday or Sunday.

See what I can find around the net but it does sound positive.

SimonTemplar said...

It's true SPMNC

Knight can finally begin his Junior Hockey career.

London Knights General Manager Mark Hunter is pleased to announce that the team has received approval for forward Jared Knight to join the London Knights for the 2008-2009 season. Knight, 16 was the 3rd Round Choice of the London Knights at the 2008 OHL Draft from the Detroit Compuware AAA Hockey Club. The team had applied for and received the player’s release from USA Hockey. Knight will make his 1st appearance for the London Knights on Friday, September 12th, 2008 when the Knights host the Plymouth Whalers at the John Labatt Centre.

On another note there is talk another player is finished in London. Apparently broke curfew and with McKeller that is a no-no.

Being on parole and doing k=it makes it even worse. Out with **** and in with Knight.