Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Could We See a Canada-Sweden Super Series?

After watching the Gold Medal game last night, I could see the rivalry building between the two countries last night. After Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson comments:

Early in the world junior championship, the forward told a Swedish reporter that if Sweden met Canada in the final and took a 2-0 lead "Canada would s--- their pants."

That'd be locker-room fodder.

"I'm don't regret anything I said," said Svensson Paajarvi, adding the literal translation is correct but the nuance is lost. "In Swedish, it means a whole different thing. We can use the crowd against them if we get a 2-0 lead. Like if they get a 2-0 lead we'll have a tough mission to come back.

"That's what I meant."

You have Jacob Markstrom with his Oscar winning flopping performance and Victor Hedman finally showing the NHL GMs and scouts his Chris Pronger side. The fans got on those two every time they touched the puck. I thought I was watching a NHL regular season game with all stuff after the whistle.

It got me thinking would a Super Series between the two teams next summer? The last four meeting have been good ones with Sweden defeating Canada in the pool play, the 2008 Gold Medal game, the exhibition game before the tournment this season, and last night's game.

I think Sweden would be a better test then the Russians were two year ago when Canada went 7-0-1. The only question will some of the higher profile players on each team will be able to play. Will John Tavares, Cody Hodgson, Victor Hedman, or Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson be available? Or will their teams hold them out to get ready for NHL training camp?

It will be a huge success in Canada but will people in Sweden turn out? Could an event like this spark more fans in Sweden to go out
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and see junior hockey. Junior hockey out in Sweden isn't as big as it's in Canada. This event could help draw fans to the next time the World Juniors is held in Sweden. For the IIHF it would be great for a Super Series to draw well in Sweden. The World Juniors isn't a big money maker in Europe as it is in North America. That's why Canada gets it every three years. They get it next year because Switzerland gave up the chance to host.

It's just something to think about.

That's My Take

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