Sunday, May 17, 2009

Instant Classic

What a game. I have never watched a better junior hockey game before. Before the game if I was in Las Vegas, and the line for the game was set at 8.5 goals combined, I would have taking the over.

The amount of offensive firepower in this game, it had the makings to be a 6-5 type of game. As we all know, the two teams combined five goals. I thought the goalies stole the first two periods. The saves on both sides were incredible to keep the game scoreless.

My first thought was Andrew Engelage is on his game. I was scratching my head why Windsor was trying to replace this guy? As the game went on I saw why. It seemed liked he would lose concretration at times at the worst possible moments. The second goal was absolutely brutal. He had to stop that one. You can't let the puck slip through the seven-hole.

I have to say the stop on Yannick Riendeau was a key stop. If Riendeau potted that one, this game would have gone in a total different direction.

One thing I thought was impossible was a team get offensive chances on the Voltigeurs powerplay. I thought it was a birthrite to score on the powerplay (I witnessed in person 5 of those 22 powerplay goals against Lewiston in person. Game 4, they were 5 for 6 with man advantage.). Gabriel Dumont's goal was essentially a powerplay goal.

How about Taylor Hall? This kid is going to be special. He was all over the ice. I was impressed at his two way game. When you think he's down and out for the count, he still gets off a pretty good scoring chance.

All the talk has been the 2011 Draft Class will be the worst since 1999. I think he can pencil in Sean Couturier as the potential number one pick. he demostrated his physical game. He has no fear for a kid that turned 16 five months ago. He might not have the "numbers" that fans expect for a future number one pick but he showing other aspects of his game. The numbers will come next season.

I hope the two teams face-off again because that was fun to watch.

That's My Take

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