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95.4 % of QMJHL’s North American players attended school during fall semester

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BOUCHERVILLE, Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – The latest Quebec Major Junior Hockey League attendance report was unveiled today and statistics from last fall’s semester reveal that 371 of the League’s 389 North American players pursued their education at a High School, Cégep, College or University.


The success rate for players attending Cégep has jumped significantly in the past few years. Of note, Alliance Sport-Études statistics show that the success rate has risen to 83% with players taking an average of 3.6 classes**. Here is a brief overview of success rates over the years:

Fall Semester

1985: 65%
1990: 70%
1995: 60%
2000: 75%
2005: 81%
2009: 83%**

Alliance Sport-Études has played a key role.

"Since the creation of the QMJHL Education Policy in 2005, new programs have been created to meet the growing needs of players and consequently, success rates have risen dramatically. We must congratulate the players for their efforts as well as thank the institutions who accept the realities of student-athletes without forgetting the academic consultants and tutors who help them succeed. The League has made great strides in this area over the past few years, but there is still work to be done to ensure that an even higher number of players graduate and pursue their education at universities across the country," commented Sébastien Fyfe, the General Manager of Alliance Sport-Études.

Teams support players financially throughout their major junior internship, covering all school related expenses, including tuitions fees, books and supplies. Following his internship, a player can benefit from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s Scholarship Program with grants now reaching up to $20,000.

"This year, the QMJHL already has $402,750 committed to 112 of its former players (SCHOLARSHIP COMMITMENTS)," stated the Commissioner, Gilles Courteau. "Although our primary objective is to develop hockey players for the next level, our commitment to their success in school remains a crucial part of our mission. The Scholarship Program gives our alumni the tools they need to pursue their education at the school and in the field of their choice without the heavy financial burden that usually accompanies a quality education."

Four players were awarded grants from Fondation Sport-Études

- Guillaume Goulet was awarded the Fondation Sport-Études bursary as the Student-Athlete of the Year ($2,500).
- Antoine Roussel was awarded the Fondation Sport-Études Téluq grant ($1,000) and a bursary from Cégep de Chicoutimi ($500).
- Mathieu Lizotte received the RDS student-athlete bursary ($500).
- Keven Dupont received a bursary from Cégep de Victoriaville ($500).

To learn more about the QMJHL’s Education Policy, simply click on the link below:


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