Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OHL Hosts Annual CHL/NHL Officiating Development Camp

Press Release

From December 9-12, 2010, the OHL has the opportunity to host the annual CHL/NHL Officiating Development Camp in Toronto, ON.

The camp features eight Referees from across the CHL along with eight Linesmen from around the OHL participating in a variety of classroom and on ice development sessions led by experts at the NHL level.

Hosting the annual event rotates amongst the CHL's three regional leagues.

The officials selected to participate include:

OHL Referees - Jason Faist, T.J. Foster, Joe Monette & Ben Wilson

WHL Referees - Jeff Ingram & Trent Knorr

QMJHL Referees - Pierre Lambert & Frederic Leblanc

OHL Linesmen - Andrew Brown, Jordan Browne, Matt Gervais, Shawn Hamelin, Andrew Hubbard, Ryan Park, Garrett Rank and Jesse Wilmot

Classroom sessions will be led by NHL Officiating Managers Rob Shick and Charlie Banfield, along with former NHL Official and current OHL Officiating Manager Dan Marouelli. On ice sessions are led by David Smith who currently monitors the health and wellness of all 67 NHL on ice officials as well as 17 other NHL prospects whom are currently working in the minor leagues across North America.

NHL Officiating Managers Al Kimmel & Lance Roberts will also be attending and providing feedback following on ice performances along with Directors of Officiating from acorss the CHL including Kevin Muench (WHL), Richard Trottier (QMJHL) and Conrad Haché (OHL).

Officials attending the camp will be evaluated at select OHL games around the league this weekend.

Click here for a video feature by Rogers TV for more information about the OHL Officiating Program.

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