Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Changes in the way disciplinary sanctions are announced in the QMJHL

Press Release

The Commissioner of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Gilles Courteau, announced today important changes in the way disciplinary sanctions will be announced.

Henceforth, a 1 to 2 game suspension and all fines will be published in the NEWS tab of the league’s website. For suspensions of 3 or more games, the news will be accompanied by a video of the incident with a summary explanation and reference to the offence.

The Commissioner wants to make sure that teams, media and fans have a visual of the event and a better comprehension of the decision making process. “We want to be more transparent and explain the reasons behind the disciplinary decisions,” he explained. “With video becoming increasingly prominent, we must take the necessary steps to make sure that our process is better understood”.

The Disciplinary Prefect, Raymond Bolduc, believes that this change will educate the public at large: “The videos and explanatory texts will also be good educational tools for those who want to have a better idea of the disciplinary process.”

This new procedure takes effect immediately.

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