Thursday, December 8, 2011

The QMJHL announces the creation of a Technical Commission and the Individualised Development Program (IDP)

Press Release

The Commissioner of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Gilles Courteau, today announced a series of measures as a follow-up to the Molson Export Quebec Hockey Summit held last August.

“This Summit was an excellent initiative put forward by leaders in the development of hockey in Quebec; Hockey Québec, Hockey Canada, the Montreal Canadiens and the QMJHL. It was an occasion to hear diverse view points and obtain excellent suggestions,” said the Commissioner.

“During the past months, we analysed the information as well as the findings emanating from the various topics discussed in the context of the Summit.”

“We also studied various courses of action to continue our efforts to improve the quality of player supervision in our league."

"The next step is to develop an action plan, identify specific goals to achieve and to initiate concrete actions to maximize the development of our players."

To this end, the Commissioner is pleased to announce the creation of a Technical Committee composed of individuals—independent of the QMJHL—mandated to define the guidelines of the players’ Individualized Development Program (IDP) and make recommendations to the League’s board.

The IDP’s aim will be to offer individualized monitoring for the specific needs of players in order to optimize their athletic potential. This program will be in line with the recommendations brought forth by Hockey Québec and the various branches of Hockey Canada in their respective programs of excellence.

Dr. George Larivière was targeted to act as chairperson of the Commission. He was one of the speakers at the Molson Export Quebec Hockey Summit. "We chose Dr. Larivière because of his extensive experience in the development of elite athletes, his understanding of our structures and knowledge of our league,” said the QMJHL Commissioner.

An announcement will be made immenently to unveil the members of the Commission.

The main objectives of the IDP are to:

Implement a methodical and rigorous follow-up of players’ integral development while ensuring their health and safety.
Coordinate and improve player supervision by QMJHL teams.
Upgrade the tools used to control and evaluate player potential.
Develop a player «digital» file.
Organize an annual development camp for players eligible for the NHL Entry Draft.
Create a strategy to promote the talent of QMJHL players.
Maintain internal and external communications, mainly with Hockey Quebec and the different branches of Hockey Canada within the QMJHL’s territory.

"We want to ensure that the implementation of the IDP is addressing the needs of QMJHL players", said Dr. Larivière. "It’s with this in mind that the league will appoint one of its teams to participate in a pilot project to test the economic, organizational and technical feasibility of the IDP. "

The main stages, the timetable for the implementation of the IDP and other initiatives will be announced in the coming weeks.

"Status quo was not an option for us; these two major initiatives will enable us to consolidate our gains, improve ourselves and be innovative so that we may be at the forefront of player development,” concluded the Commissioner.

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