Friday, July 20, 2012


Press Release

Darius Cole of the Nipawin Hawks resides in Aurora Colorado in the off-season.

Cole had plans with his mother and young cousin to attend the movie theatre where last night's shooting took place but a last second decision changed his plans.

"Me and my mom and little cousin were going to go together but my mom ended up saying she didn't want to go" said Cole. "I ended up going with my buddy (to a different theatre) and that's why I wasn't in the area. I got pretty lucky."

He ended up going to Highlands Ranch theatre with a friend instead.

Cole says he wants everyone in Nipawin and area to know he's okay and he thanks everyone for their concern and support.

"I just want to say I love all you guys. I miss my billet family and a big thanks to everyone for checking in on me."

Several members of the Hawks took to twitter today to send their wishes to Darius and his family...

@STUpendous18 (Stuart Holland) - Glad my boy @Rucksdaddy69 is alright. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragedy in aurora

@zerrzy08 (Brady Zerr) - Thoughts and prayers to Aurora..Even happier than usual to talk to@Rucksdaddy69 this morning..

@AdamReichert26 (Adam Reichert) - Glad your okay @Rucksdaddy69 #missyou

@GDP_OkOil (Gino De Paoli, Former Hawks pxp) @rucksdaddy69 @nipawinhawks1 good to hear you're ok Darius!

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