Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Press Release

Sydney, NS - Earlier this afternoon we received an application from the Canadian Hockey League Players’ Association (CHLPA) seeking to be certified as a bargaining agent for the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles.  We do not believe that any third party can provide programs and support better than what the Screaming Eagles and other league teams currently voluntarily provide to our players.
The Screaming Eagles take our commitment to our players very seriously; that is why we will be actively arguing that the CHLPA is not a recognized union and therefore cannot legally apply for certification or represent our players.  Furthermore, we also believe that all players who could be affected by this union drive should have their wishes count. We will say, among other things, that all of our players not just those on the active roster, be given the right to express their wishes on unionization. We believe this is only fair.
In terms of the certification application, we will follow the rules and guidelines for union certification as defined by the Nova Scotia Relations Board (NSLB). In the coming days, we will continue to speak with our players and their families and ask that before they agree to anything that they do their research into the CHLPA and who is behind it.

 (Nathan can be reached at nathanfournier@mainehockeyjournal.com)

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