Thursday, May 16, 2013

SASKATOON BLADES: Astles Donates Hair

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Saskatoon Blades forward Jessey Astles is doing his best to give back.

The 19 year old is donating his recently trimmed hair to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Astles was told recently by the team to cut his hair in preparation for the 2013 MasterCard Memorial Cup.  Astles hair was long and curly, reaching past his shoulders.  He hadn't cut it since the spring of 2011, almost exactly two years ago.

"I've had a few friends over the years over the years who have cut and donated their hair," said Astles.  "I wasn't able to do it when I played with Kelowna, because they had a team rule that stopped you from having long hair.  When I got traded here I decided to grow it out and it got pretty long after a while.  I thought about it and I decided I wanted to give it to a good cause."

Astles says he feels lucky that he's never been directly touched by cancer.

"I haven't had anyone immediately in my family effected by cancer, luckily.  But I just wanted to give back in a way.  Good karma I guess."

That potential good karma helped Astles deal with a decision that he was forced to make.

"I wasn't too happy about it and it was pretty hard to see the hairdresser cutting it.  After a couple of days I was over it.  I couldn't have it forever and I like the short hair too."

The Blades and their fans will hope some of that good karma rubs off on the team as they kick off the 2013 MasterCard Memorial Cup on Friday against the London Knights.  Tickets are moving fast for the game, so get yours now by clicking here.

Learn more about the Canadian Cancer Society here.

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