Thursday, August 15, 2013

Details on the events of Monday in Acadie-Bathurst

Press Release

Following the sudden death of the Acadie-Bathurst Titan’s young prospect, Jordan Boyd, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League released an account of the day’s events.

On the morning in question, players arrived at the K.C. Irving Regional Centre for the start of training camp. 45 minutes prior to the beginning of practice the players carried out an activation with the team’s athletic therapist. Boyd was present during this activity and was in good spirits, even joking with the group.

A group leader accompanied the players throughout the day.

Following the activation, the assistant coaches explained the on-ice exercises.

Practice was schedule for 10:30 a.m., but was advanced by 10 minutes.

Once on the ice, another 4 to 5 minute warm-up was conducted.

Afterwards, two passing and drills were performed for a total of about ten minutes.

Before the 4th exercise, the coaches granted a pause so the players could hydrate themselves.

Players were then split up into groups for the start of the 4th exercise. Boyd was in the third row. At the sound of the first whistle, the first row proceeded with the exercise. At the second whistle, the second row did the same. At the third whistle, the coach noticed that only the defenseman was in motion and that the forward was missing. When he turned, he saw Jordan Boyd lying down on the ice.

The coach immediately called the athletic therapist. She quickly assisted, evaluated the situation, gave the directive to call 911 and started the emergency protocol.

During the course of the day, Boyd never expressed any discomfort or any ailment to the members of the team.

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