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New QMJHL officials and acknowledgments

Press Release

During the first two weeks of August, the QMJHL held its training camps for a total of 33 referees and 52 linesmen.

Physical off-ice tests, sessions on game rules and specific directives, video analysis and the application of game rules were the main topics of various discussions with the Officials. Ghislain Hébert and Frédérick L’Écuyer, two former NHL referees and former QMJHL Officials, were on hand to discuss those topics.
For the start of the 2013-2014 season, eight (8) officials have joined the QMJHL ranks.

Olivier GOUIN # 7
Marc-André LAVOIE # 28
Maurice LEBLANC # 39
Marc-Antoine CHAGNON # 46
Alexandre GARON # 68
Jean-François LOSIER  # 90
Matt MAILLET # 97
Nick MELANSON # 66

For referee Marc-André Lavoie, it’s a homecoming after spending 3 seasons with the ECHL.
It is worth noting that referee Pierre Lambert and linesman François Dussureault will join for the next season the ECHL and the American League, while referee Jonathan Alarie will be called to work for the NHL and several games for the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League).

Once more this year, referee Jean-Philippe Sylvain will participate at the NHL Officials camps.

The QMJHL took advantage of these training camps in order to highlight certain achivements reached by Officials. Various gifts were awarded to officials at the end of the 2012-2013 season that had met these goals.

First game in the QMJHL

In order to mark this achievement, the League awards a plaque with the game sheet of their first game.

Jonathan ALARIE # 8                        
Mathieu BINETTE # 18           
Peter MORAITIS # 29

Maxime DESJARDINS # 8               Jonathan GIRARD # 8                  Olivier GOUIN # 97
Dave IVEY # 92                             Maxim LASALLE # 94                   Antoine LEBLANC # 80
Nicolas PICHÉ # 75

10 years of service

A watch is given to Officials that have been with the League for 10 years. The following Officials achieved this milestone during the 2012-2013 season.

Wayne DOYLE # 43                         248 games / season 20 games / playoffs
Jeff HOPKINS # 20                           294 games / season           42 games / playoffs
Mario MAILLET # 21                         283 games / season           42 games / playoffs
Brad MILLS # 24                               310 games / season       39 games / playoffs
David RODRIGUE # 60                      247 games / season             17 games / playoffs

15 years of service
For 15 years with the League, Officials received a gift certificate.
Thane ARSENAULT  # 9                  387 games / season     39 games / playoffs
Christian BOUDREAU  # 48              397 games / season        93 games / playoffs
20 years of service
After 20 years of service in the QMJHL, Officials receive a League ring.
LOSIER Sylvain  # 71                       640 games / season             139 games / playoffs

MasterCard Memorial Cup

Referee Jean-Philippe Sylvain was given a commemorative plaque for his participation in the MasterCard Memorial Cup in Saskatoon this year.

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League would like to congradulate all officials for their distinctions.
Have a good 2013-14 season!

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