Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wolves reduce roster

Press Release

The Sudbury Wolves have reduced their active roster to 24 players today by releasing overage forward/defenceman Chad Thibodeau.  The Soo native was acquired in a trade with the Soo Greyhounds in 2011.  In 92 games regular season games with the Wolves, Thibodeau’s numbers were:  2 goals, 11 assists for 13 points and 174 minutes in penalties.  Thibodeau has returned to his Soo home to await reassignment by the Wolves.

With the return of overage defenceman Kevin Raine this week, the Wolves found themselves with four 1993 birthdate players.  Teams are only permitted to play three 20-year-old players.  The remaining overage players on the team are defenceman Jimmy McDowell and goaltender Franky Palazzese.

“With four overage players and 25 players still with the team, we had to make some difficult decisions sooner than later” notes Wolves’ GM Blaine Smith.  “Chad has been a trooper for us.  He played well in Russia and he led our team in scoring in the pre-season. I am confident that another team with an open overage spot will give Chad a new opportunity.”  

The Wolves will open the new season on Friday night against the Soo Greyhounds with 24 players still in camp.  The Wolves will be without the services of forwards Nathan Cull and Danny Desrochers this weekend.  The veteran forwards are serving suspensions as a carry-over from last year’s play-offs.   The remaining 22 players available to play this weekend’s double-header with the Greyhounds are as follows:

Forwards  (12)

Mathew Campagna - 19

Connor Crisp - 19

Nathan Pancel - 19

Ray Huether – 19

Nick Baptiste - 18

Dominik Kahun – 18

Dominik Kubalik – 18

Jacob Harris – 18

Matt Schmalz – 17

Connor Burgess – 17

Austin Veleke - 17

David Zeppieri - 16

Defence (8)

Kevin Raine – 20

Jimmy Mcdowell – 20

Jeff Corbett – 19

Evan Dehaan – 18

Conor Cummins – 17

Stefan Leblanc – 17

David Eccles – 17

Kyle Capobianco - 16

Goaltenders (2)

Franky Palazzese – 20

Troy Timpano - 16

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