Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vance suspended for 6 games

Press Release

The Director of Player Safety of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Raymond Bolduc, today suspended Troy Vance of the Charlottetown Islanders for 6 games. The suspension was handed out following an incident that occurred on November 3rd against the Moncton Wildcats.

Here is the rationale that led to the decision:
The game started with a face-off in the neutral zone near Moncton’s blue-line.
Moncton won the face-off.
The puck headed towards one of Moncton’s defensemen. That player passed the puck by directing it on the boards towards his teammate who turned to redirect the puck in the offensive zone. As he raised his head, he saw the player at fault come towards him, slightly changed his direction and placed himself in a vulnerable position.
The player at fault:
Headed towards him to hit him.
Was in a checking position
As he moved forward, he also placed himself in a vulnerable position.
As the Moncton player changed direction, the player at fault, now next to his opponent, stretched his leg out to make contact.
The action was close to the opponent, but it was a dangerous play.
Since both player were in motion, speed was a factor.
This was the first infraction for the player at fault.
The injury to the opponent was considered in the the decision.

The Director of Player Safety took this decision after having viewed videos of the incident, considered the officials report, spoken to the players and organizations involved and after consulting the Advisory Committee for disciplinary action.

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