Monday, December 23, 2013

EJEPL Announces 14 U, 13 U, and 12 U Divisions for 2014-15

Press Release

New York... The EJEPL main office announced today that the League will be adding 14 U, 13 U and 12 U divisions for the 2014-5 season. The EJEPL currently has 26 teams in the 18 U and 16 U divisions encompassing seven states.

"The time is right for our member organizations to have a quality addition to their local schedules" stated Commissioner Henry Lazar. "Most of our member teams play in local Leagues with a 20-30 game schedule, so the EJEPL is perfect for their needs."

The 13 U division will be for Bantam Minor teams. Players at all levels will be permitted to play up if their talent level calls for that opportunity. The schedule will be 20 games as is the case with the 18's and 16's.

There will be playoffs and each team will be represented in all the media that their older teams are represented in. There will be numerous League showcases to help teams get their games in and to play other non-League competition. Regional play will be emphasized. Some teams will opt to play most of their games in showcases to make their logistics easier. Teams will be able to put multiple teams on the same bus, allowing for easier travel for teams.

Skills and development, as well as off-ice, will be a prime goal for all teams. Information pertaining to Junior and the College process will be available at the League showcases.

Questions will be answered and more information can be obtained by calling the Commissioner Henry Lazar at 718 332 4555 X 3. The League web site is

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