Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Fighting Saints have Saints formally invited Ron Burgundy himself to Friday’s game

Press Release

DUBUQUE, IA—Friday is Ron Burgundy Night at the Dubuque Fighting Saints game, and its kind of a big deal. The Fighting Saints host team USA U-17 at 7:35 p.m. and the night will pay homage to the upcoming ten-year anniversary of the Will Ferrel comedy hit, Anchorman, and the upcoming Anchorman 2 film, slated to hit theaters later this month.

Much like Ron Burgundy himself, the evening promises to be legendary. Top quotes from the movie will be played all night long, and look a-like anchormen are welcome. Select kids will be invited to sit behind the anchor desk in our own junior anchorman contest. The Fighting Saints are encouraging fans to dress up like their favorite members of the Channel 4 news team, because rocking a blazer over a turtleneck is a big whammy.

Fan's knowledge of the movie will be tested with trivia, and the evening will feature an intermission contest relay race focusing on the movie's key moments. While some of details are classified information, we can tell you that milk will be chugged, burritos will be tossed, and bears will be fought. Fans will also emulate Ron Burgundy's jazz flute skills during Friday's game with an air jazz flute contest. While there are thousands of other things to do in Dubuque, we are "72 percent sure" fans will love coming to Ron Burgundy Night Friday.

If that is not enough excitement for you yet, we guarantee these ideas will provoke you to buy tickets, because "60 percent of the time they work every time." When a player takes a penalty, rather than sit in the penalty box, he'll feel shame in the "glass case of emotion." The Fighting Saints will hope to make visits to "Pleasure Town," a place reserved for that feeling you get when you score. The Fighting Saints, much like the movie's weatherman Brick Tamland, "love lamp," so they hope to be scoring goal after goal to light the goal lamp all night long.

They'll be plenty of "LOUD NOISES," as music from the movie, including the Anchorman theme, and Afternoon Delight, will all be played throughout the evening. Ron's iconic dog, Baxter, will not be in attendance, however an even more impressive dog, the Fighting Saints mascot, Bernie the St. Bernard, will be. Bernie has taken a page out of Baxter's book and has befriended one of Team USA's kind, and will help tame the furious beasts aiming to attack the Fighting Saints, leading Dubuque to a victory and a number one spot in the rankings.

The Fighting Saints would like to extend an invite to Rob Burgundy himself to join (is it a soft j?) the Fighting Saints at Friday night's game. Seeing the famous news anchor in Bismark, North Dakota last week gave the Fighting Saints the idea that despite his move to a national network, Mr. Burgundy might have enough room in his heart make a quick stop in Dubuque, Iowa for a night honoring his greatness. With that, the Fighting Saints can promise the best anchorman in the business a VIP package if he stops into Friday's game. Mr. Burgundy can drop the ceremonial first puck, take over the broadcast booth, and the Fighting Saints would provide Ron all the scotch he can drink, within reason.

Tickets to the "gun show"—sorry—Ron Burgundy Night, are on sale now. Fans can purchase tickets to this legendary night by calling 563.583.6880 or visiting at
For all of us with the Fighting Saints, you stay classy Dubuque.

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