Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sport Testing returns for Top Prospects

Press Release

Sport Testing Inc., a leader in hockey testing, has once again partnered with the Canadian Hockey League. Sport Testing will provide hockey-specific athletic performance testing on and off the ice at the 2014 BMO CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game.

These standardized tests have been completed in all three CHL leagues for the past four years and will be performed on all athletes participating. This will provide players, coaches, and scouts detailed comparative data on an athlete’s athletic ability.

The CHL has been using Sport Testing since 2010 in various skills combines at the bantam and minor midget level to assess top draft prospects for such gameplay qualities as speed, agility, explosiveness, stick handling and reaction time. Highly accurate measurement technologies and standard test protocols provide apples-to-apples benchmarking data that has shown a tight correlation to hockey performance.

“We have been impressed with Sport Testing’s professionalism at our events and their accuracy in assessing player potential.” said CHL President, David Branch. “Their data reports are a blue-print to on-ice success and will showcase our players to NHL scouts. Sport Testing also gives quantifiable skill and fitness targets to the rest of the CHL players and those young athletes hoping to one day join our league.”

After a Sport Testing session, players and coaches can sign in to secure online accounts and compare their data to peers and pros. They may also track their own progress over time. When players know where they stand, they discover what it takes to reach their goals in hockey.

“We are delighted to provide our services again this year, for the Top Prospects.” said Jonathon Hollins, Sport Testing Co-Founder. “I am looking forward to this year’s event. We have tested many of these athletes in the past, and I am excited to see their progression.”

The CHL/Sport Testing combine takes place on January 14, a day before the BMO CHL/NHL Top Prospects game.

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