Friday, October 31, 2008

Part Deux

10. Phaneuf levels Olesz

One of my favorite players Dion Phaneuf lays Rostislav Olesz at the 2003 World Junior Championships.

9. USA Hockey U18 - 06/07 Season Highlights

Matt Rust is the best dancer in hockey.

8. 2006 World Junior Hockey Moments Team Canada and More

7. Top 10 Canada Junior Plays In 20-Game Win Streak

6. London Knights Mem Cup Video

A collection of videos from one of the greatest teams ever fielded in the CHL.

5. Crosby/Kessel/Ovechkin Montage

4. US Wins World Junior Championships

It's amazing how much talent that played in this game.

3. Canada vs U.S.S.R 1987 World Junior Hockey bench clearing Brawl

One the most memorable moments in the World Junior Championships.

2. Memorial Cup Breaks in Half

Probably the single greatest moment at the Memorial Cup.

1. 2007 IIHF U20 Canada vs USA Shootout

One of the greatest moments for both teams at the World Junior Championships. Every player that was involved in the shootout except for Jeff Frazee has played in the NHL. It's hard to break into the NHL with Martin Brodeur in net but as earlier seen in the countdown he has some weaknesses on the ice. Mr. January, Jonathan Toews sent Canada to the Gold Medal Game. I was like a little kid listening to this game on XM radio.

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