Monday, March 9, 2009

More on the NTDP

It looks like Kyle Palmieri has also been shown the door according to rumors. I couldn't get confirmation on it. USHR has another article on a player leaving which could be Palmieri.

The question know is does he still head to Notre Dame or does he sign with the Guelph Storm? If he does leave for the OHL, Notre Dame takes another hit in next year's recruiting class. Ot will be still pretty good but not as good at the beginning of the year.

I did get confirmation that Patrick Summers a goaltender will remain with the team for the rest of the season. He will take Willie Yanakeff spot. He's a 1991 born player.

That will make a spot open behind Jack Campbell next season on the Under-18 team. Who will get the nod? Andy Iles, Brian Billett or someone else?

That's My Take

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Anonymous said...

andys the for sure choice should have been their this year.

Anonymous said...

NTDP changes abound

U17s dismissed...Higgins and Yanakeff

U17s suspended...Stephen Johns

U18s dismissed...Palmieri

U18s demoted...Maxwell

U18s sent to 17s for remainder of season...Amburgy, Crowley, Calabrese, McCarthy

U17s brought up to U18s for reaminder of season... Merrill, Clendening, Zucker

Anonymous said...

Yanakeff is great kid and goalie. Bad choice led to mistake and results. It is the National Team.
Oh Yeah??

Anonymous said...

I heard that Palmieri got screwed and hung out to dry by an angry parent of a player suspended in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Why do people seem so entitled in high levels of hockey? disturbing news here, will the ADM get it right?

Anonymous said...

Nice job Hynes, Rolston, Rezmierski, and don't forget Lipkowski - the architects of these two fine teams - spending that 4 million well, huh boys?

Ryan said...

Iles is currently protected by Indiana, so I don't know if NTDP will be able to recruit him to Ann Arbor.

Anonymous said...

You can't tell me that other players on the NTDP teams are not doing the same exact things that Higgins and Yanakeff are doing, the difference being that those two boys got caught. I'd be curious to know how many other players haven't got caught yet or have - and the administration swept it under the rug.

Anonymous said...

I heard same thing about Palmieri, that he got thrown under the bus by the U18 goalie's mom who is pissed that her son was sent down. Now she's trying to wreck the usa team since her son wont be going to worlds. If true, sounds like a world class role model to me :(

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Johns was with them why isn't he booted too.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the truth hurts. Lots of issues get sorted out when the truth be told. How would everyone feel if the team lived through smoke and mirrors? Actions = consequence.

Anonymous said...

If actions=concequences then the NTDP program needs to start being consistent in the concequence department.