Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clendening Commits

The Boston College Eagles picked up a big commitment for the 2010 season from defenseman Adam Clendening. Clendening is a highly profiled offensive defenseman who played with Toronto Marlies last season. He had 4 goals and 33 assists in 50 contests. This year he will be playing with United States National Team Development Program Under 17 Team. At the Select 16's, he had three assists in five games.

The Eagles have been picking up five star prospects all summer. Chris McCarthy who played with Berkshire Academy last season will be joining the Under 18 Team this season. Kenny Ryan will also join the Eagles for the 2010 season. He's also on the Under-18 Team this season. They also got a commitment from another prep star in Chris Kreider. They also got a commitment from Billy Arnold for the 2011 season. He had a very good summer with the Under 17 team that played in Europe a few weeks ago.

Will Chasen Bailey follow his good friend to Boston College. He played with the Toronto Jr. Canadiens where he had 38 goals and 109 assists and will be with the Under-17 Team. The question becomes will Clendening be at the Chestnut Hill two years from now? They're both draft pick of the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League. Some think they're London bound already. Next summer should be interesting if they go they route because the NTDP will play hardball if they do.

UMass-Lowell got a commitment from Newmarket Hurricane (OPJHL) defenseman Julian Melchiori for the fall of 2010.

Hockey Canada officially introduces Pat Quinn as Head Coach of the World Junior Team.

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Anonymous said...

To say USA Hockey (NTDP) will play hardball if their boys try to jump to London is an understatement. What they are doing to Jared Knight is shameful. They should release him to play for London if that's what he wants to do. In the end, the smart players will think twice about signing with them if this is how they're going to behave. Trying to prove a point by not releasing Knight is going to backfire on them. I would advise any player good enough to play in the CHL to do it as soon as soon as possible (16 or 17 years of age). They have superior results in developing players, and USA Hockey is showing that they clearly do not have the players' best interests in mind. You're 16 and you can't change your mind? Even though they offer an "out" in their contract, they won't allow anyone to take it? Very bad form for responsible adults imho. I think Clendeing & the others should bolt now before they actually play a real game. It'll be easier to get out that way than after the NTDP has invested anything in them.

Anonymous said...

NTDP will take Knight to the end of the road over his de-committ. And they should. He committed and he should follow thru. Thw whole family loves the stroke, being wanted, and the London chase was too much fun to ignore. He committed to Michigan and the USA program - wow you would think he had to go play in the slums. I hope USA never gives him his release - 'cause he doesn't deserve it.

SimonTemplar said...

Good points anonymous

I thing should be very clear is Clendennings best friend Thomas has already joined London so Clendenning shoudn't be far behind.

There is also a mention he is a one year player at Ann Arbour and free next season. If that's true don't hold your breath BC.

There was a nice photo and story on Clendenning on the scouting news with him wearing a Knights Jersey.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as a "one year player" in the NTDP anymore. Schmitz and others have left early, but the contracts now commit them for two years! So backing out after one is the same as backing out after signing before you ever step on the ice (a-la Knight). My point is they put an out in the contract that says you can leave, but you've got to pay them $50G to do it. So Knight and London try to excercise the out (which is in the contract) and they act like a bunch of brats and stonewall the kid? I understand the point being made that the kid and his family made a commitment, and backing out isn't cool. But nobody's talking about the the "out." Why put an out (regardless of the amount of the penalty) if you're not going to let anyone exercise it? Who's really going back on their word, here? I say it's the NTDP. You tell the kids they can leave if they fork over $50K, then (hypothetically) an OHL team writes a check, and you say, "no thanks and btw we're going to blame the kid & his parents for the whole mess." I'm just amazed that anyone can look at the situation objectively and not support the young player.

SimonTemplar said...

I asked the Big Guy Friday night SM and sure enough. The USA Hockey folks are playing games to the max.

Doesn't matter though, Lawyers and now the CHL are involved in some sort of way. It's in their best interest to go along with this or more players will stay away from that program.

Just cut the kid loose they are making themselves look real bad here.