Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NHL Camps Effecting the CHL?

Dave Borody of The Sarnia Observer wrote a column on the NHL starting a week later then usual and the effect it has on the Ontario Hockey League.

It doesn't bother me that players might miss sometime because they are at NHL camp. That's their goal is to play in the NHL. Let them go chase after their dream. He makes it sound like all the players that go to camp are there for a month. In reality, most of those players will spend one day at camp and get sent back, down to juniors.

Guys like Stamkos, Doughty, Pietrangelo and Bogosian will get a long look at camp. That was expect? Their junior teams knew that they might not have them this season. They should have a back up plan if those players don't comeback.

Coaches are worried that it could cost them a playoff spot because they didn't have these players at the beginning of the season. Isn't this the CHL Mission Statement:

The Canadian Hockey League continues to be the number one source of talent in the world for the National Hockey League, American Hockey League and other minor professional leagues across North America.
The CHL is a developmental league. It's the primary goal to have players plaing in the NHL. Coaches should be glad that a player makes the NHL. You did your job even though deep down you were expecting that player back. Some players just have a great camp like Jordan Staal, Milan Lucic, David Perron, Patrice Bergeron and Sam Gagner. It's the coaches job to go find that player's replacement.

The arguement is also made it's not fair those kids that stay longer and they miss school where they will be for the rest of the season. School is important don't get me wrong but do you think these kids would rather spend an extra week or two with a major junior team? If they thought the extra week or two would interfere with school, they would of left camp.

For the fans, it's tough not to see the stars but if they follow the sport, they should know this is the process at the begining of the year. Don't go to those games. Wait until they comeback. My belief is that most season ticket holders don't mind if a couple of games are being played without the superstars. Season ticket holdders are mostly die hart hockey fans and just like seeing their team and the game of hocket being played.

That's My Take

(Nathan also is a writer for Maineiacs Post to Post and the Maine Hockey Journal. He can be reached at fourniern@students.nescom.edu)

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SimonTemplar said...

Soory Maniac I cannot agree with your stand on this. Dave has a few legitimate beefs that I totally agree with. Why did the NHL move their prospect camps and have some players going right from prospects to main camps.

The past many years it has worked fine and both leagues managed ok. Now the NHL wants it both ways hoarding players in meaningless tournaments in one locale is easier than sending scouts to league games.

And the real point is major junior teams having to hold back A-B players from dropping back to their leagues because Major J needs them now. Thats wrong and shame on the NHL for screwing up so many kids schedules.

Of course thats the way that league works anyway. They don't give a rats ass about any other league except for the KHL now, and for good reason.

And you say don't go to games? Say what.....we pay a lot of coin for those tickets. Please ease up on the pandering to the NHL they are nothing but greedy owners led by the nut job in Philly. ( Mr Ed )

There are many of us you couldn't give NHL tickets too. No interest, not worth the drive, and 90% of the time it's boring trap hockey with watered down teams.

CHL anyday over NHL...