Saturday, April 16, 2011

Villanova Knights relocate to Orangeville

Press Release

April 14, 2011, ORANGEVILLE, Ontario– The Board of Directors of the Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL) announced today that they have approved a request from the OJHL’s Villanova Knights to relocate to Orangeville, Ontario. The Orangeville market became available last week after the team was decommissioned by the league as part of the overall strategic plan to improve the quality of play within the OJHL. In support of the minor hockey system in the town of Orangeville, Villanova was also granted permission to use the name “Flyers” and will move forward as the Orangeville Junior Flyers.

“Contraction is just one area of the process to drive the overall improvement of the OJHL,” stated OJHL Commissioner, Marty Savoy. “Part of the long term plan of the OJHL includes the possible relocation of teams to stronger markets to allow for the successful operations of our member clubs. “The ownership and management group in Villanova have done a commendable job in turning around the franchise, which has been evident by the improved success the team has seen on the ice over the past two seasons. They made a request to the league to relocate the team to a vacant market. Villanova feels this move will allow the franchise a greater chance of success, compared to what they faced at their previous location.”

“Although we have enjoyed our time at our current location we needed to explore alternatives that would allow for a better business model for the team— in a community setting,” said Villanova Governor and Owner David Arsenault. “When we knew the Orangeville market was becoming vacant through the league’s decommissioning process, I had our staff immediately look into the area to see if there was a potential fit for our club to relocate. We then contacted the league and made the official relocation request. We feel that Orangeville is a great Junior hockey town and we have already received the support of the town’s Mayor and look forward to working with minor hockey and all community-based groups."

“We were extremely disappointed when it was announced that we would be losing our Junior hockey team last week,” said Orangeville Mayor Rob Adams. “I respect the decision that the previous ownership group had to make, however it was a tremendous loss to the Junior hockey fans in Orangeville. We are excited that the Villanova Knights have decided to relocate their team here and we applaud the OJHL for approving the move.”

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