Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little Sour Rimouski?

Take a look in the mirror Rimouski fans.

Was it really Kelowna's fault that Windsor ended up in the title game? Sure they let up on the gas last Tuesday.

Here's the question for you Rimouski fans: Did Kelowna play in the Wednesday or Thursday night game. The correct answer is No.

Then why were you booing the Kelowna Rockets Sunday? That was one of the strangest thing I have seen. I understand you are upset the Rockets "lef them off the hook." At the sametime they had influence on the game against the Drummondville Voltigeurs. The Oceanic had two chances to get into the Semi Finals. They couldn't do it.

If you had a chance to take it easy knowing you were already assured a spot in the Finals, wouldn't you want to give your guys a rest? I mean these teams have played 85+ games this season.

Don't lie you were cheering for Tyler Myers during the World Junior Championships. I know most of you are Montreal Canadiens fans but that wasn't Zdeno Chara on the ice. You gave him the worst Zdeno Chara treatment . Why boo him?

They say the Memorial Cup is the hardest trophy to win in sports. Wouldn't have been more gratifying to see your team warn their way to the Semi-Finals and Finals then be handed the spot?

That's My Take

(Nathan also is a writer for Maineiacs Post to Post and the Maine Hockey Journal. He can be reached at fourniern@students.nescom.edu)

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