Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hockey Club of Dallas to take over NAPHL's Texas Tornado

Press Release

 The Dallas Junior Hockey Association (DJHA) and Hockey Club of Dallas (HCD) today announce the transition of the Texas Jr. Tornado 18U and 16U teams from DJHA to HCD for the upcoming 2013-14 season. This transition is a collaborative effort between organizations and supports continued progress toward the hockey pyramid at the Tier I level in Texas.

This move provides the following benefits:

-Collapses 18U and 16U Tier I into two (2) organizations
-Provides a league opportunity for both Tier I programs
-Promotes and upholds the hockey pyramid at both the Tier I and Tier II levels.

The Tornado teams both had very successful seasons under the management of DJHA. Both teams were competitive near the top of their regular season divisions, and each team competed in the respective North American Prospects Hockey League (NAPHL) Gold bracket playoffs. Four (4) players from the 18U team were tendered to North American Hockey League (NAHL) teams for the 2013-14 season.

Gary Gelinas, President of CSH International, holding company for the Texas Tornado NAHL Hockey Club had the following statement... "DJHA operated the Tornado NAPHL teams in a professional manor and provided the direction and leadership necessary to have the program become competitive in the NAPHL. They worked hard to provide an environment focused on player development while delivering what they said they would. They are and will continue to be a top development program. We thank them for their commitment to the NAPHL.”

Hockey Club of Dallas is excited to take this step toward solidifying its Tier I program. The addition of the Tornado brand and the NAPHL bid provides the Hockey Club of Dallas program league participation at the 18U and 16U levels.

More information is forthcoming from Hockey Club Dallas regarding the Tornado program and tryouts. Be sure to check the Hockey Club Dallas website or contact Landon Wilson via email for upcoming pre-tryout events.

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