Saturday, December 28, 2013

Islanders trade Ottereyes to Olympiques

Press Release

Charlottetown -The Charlottetown Islanders have acquired 16 year old defenseman Vincent Roy and an 8th Round pick in 2014 from the Gatineau Olympique. In return the Islanders send forward Deverick Ottereyes and a 10th round pick in 2015 to the Olympique.

“We are pleased with this deal from the stand point that we are acquiring a good young defenseman that will fit into our long term plan as an organization,” says Islanders General Manager Grant Sonier. “He is ready to play and we hope to have him in our lineup this weekend”.

“We would also like to thank Deverick for all his contributions to this organization both on and off the ice. We wish him all the best going forward’.  

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