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9:15a.m. Once again is shut down and is the Temporary home of "The Asylum." Players have been on the ice for the last 15 minutes warming up and doing some drills.

9:30a.m. Rafuse and Connelly are the goalies.So far the drills have been different so far from yesterday. That's good for my eyes.

9:41a.m. The first group has just finished a drill. The coaches are going for the next drill. Michael Chaput looks good so far this morning. RThere's no sign of a hangover from yesterday from him.

9:47a.m. Chaput muscled through Robby Theriault on his way to the net. Theriault also got pushed aside in another play.

10:03a.m. I have to agree with Justin Pelletier, and Connelly hasn't been that all impressive to me. The only thing that's working in his favor at this point, is the fact this team will be without Peter Delmas for a few day when he heads to Avalanche camp. If he's the third goalie, maybe the extra time will get him adjusted.

10:09a.m. Matt Bourdeau has been doing individual drills on the side. The players are working on the neutral ice game right now. Both nets have bee brought to each blue line.

10:15a.m. After a mini three on three game in at center ice, the players are stretching around the Maineiacs logo. The first session appears to be over.

10:41a.m. Session two is about to begin. The coaches went over the drill and we are underway.

10:49a.m. A couple of things, the drill that they are doing, the players have to go through pylons. One of the players knocked it out of place and without any hesitation Danick Paquette went and grabbed it to put back in place. Something small but its nice to see the captain do that. Phillip Wright was barked at by a bulldog. A fan brought a dog in the arena. From my vantage point Wright wasn't doing anything wrong. The dog must have high expectations.

11:05a.m. The players just ended a shooting drill. Zach Shannon has a nice snap shot and Filip Janosik has a rocket of a shot. I think some outlet passing is going to be the next drill.

11:15a.m. The passing drill is over. Matt Bourdeau is on for this session also. I have no idea why. Looks like another passing drill.

11:25a.m. The players are doing some one on one drills. Some got a half of step past Denis Reul but he used his reach to deflect the puck away. Then Reul finished his check almost taking a few teammates out that were waiting in line.

11:40a.m. The two on one drills just finished. Reul and Eric Gelinas looked good in that drill. I couldn't tell who looked good on the far end of the ice.

11:52a.m. The players have finished up a 2 on 2 drill. There was a lot of physicality down in my end. It looks like the second session is over.

11:57a.m. Players are just leaving the ice. Some have stayed on to shoot around.

Be back at 6:15ish.

6:15p.m. 45 minutes until game time, it's pretty quite at The Androscoggin Bank Colisee.

6:35p.m. Here's tonight's rosters

Team Blue

Phillip Wright
Marc-Antoine Coulombe
Filip Janosik
Alex Beaton
Danick Paquette
Todd Chinova
Tommy Dery
Michael Hynes
Dominic Savoie
Simon Bissonnette
Marc-Andre L'Hereault
Justin Cloutier
Justin Parsons
Logan Phillips
Eic Gelinas
Denis Reul
Zach Shannon
Tom Michalik
Pier-Luc Pelletier
Josh Fattore
Justin Stevens
Peter Delmas

Team White

Kirk Rafuse
Jonathan Connely
Pierre-Olivier Morin
Billy Lacasse
Etienne Brodeur
Lucas LaBelle
Michael Chaput
Travis Moore
Steeven Jacques
PJ Moore
Jared Wilson
Jonathan Tower
Raphael Joly
Patrick Lanteigne
Michael Ward
Patrick Cusack
Garrett Clarke
Sean Stagles
Dany Coulombe
Robby Theriault
Jordan Stapleton
Matt Sollows

6:43p.m. Zach Phillips is the only player that isn't dressing. He must of left camp to maintain NCAA eligibilit. This isn't including Brett Gallant and Maxim Gratchev who haven't yet stepped on the ice in camp.

7:00p.m. Tonight's game will like a regular hockey game, three twenty minute periods. Delmas and Rafuse are the starters.

7:04p.m. A roster correction, Reul is on Team Blue. I think Cusack and Reul swapped teams.

7:13p.m. Blue takes the 1-0 lead at the 8:29 mark. The goal came from Simon Bissonnette with the only assist going to Dominic Savoie. White's best chance so far has come from Brodeur when he skated all alone after two players crash into each at their own blue line.

7:33p.m. After one period its 2-1 Blue. Wilson scored for White on a 3 on 1 penalty kill. Justin Parsons scored for Team Blue

7:45p.m. Rafuse is in net for Team White and Phillip Wright is in net for Team Blue. Maxime Gratchev just was introduced to a couple of assistant coaches and scouts. Todd Chinova just scored for Team Blue.

7:50p.m. Chinova made it 4-1 with Dery getting the assist. Phillip Wright got an assist on Chinova's first goal. Team White got a goal from Lanteigne with assists going to Jacques and Wilson

7:54p.m. Raphael Joly made it 4-03 with Lucas LaBelle getting an assist.

8:01p.m. Jonathan Connelly takes over for Rafuse.

8:08p.m. Michael Chaput tied the game up with Joly getting the helper. It was a garbage goal. Dominic Savoie game blue the lead again with Bissonnette's goal. Stevens got an assist.

8:10p.m. Clarke killed off a 3 on 1 penalty. Connelly made some huge stops in that 30 seconds.

8:14p.m. Hynes made it 6-4 on the two man advantage with Savoie getting the primary assist.

8:31p.m. The third period is about to start. Marc-Antoine Coulombe is in net for Team Blue.

8:33p.m. Team Blue makes it 7-4 with a goal from Josh Fattore. The helper went to Hynes.

8:35p.m. Blue makes it 8-4 with a goal from Alexander Beaton. White came back with a goal from Pier-Oliver Morin to make it 8-5

8:38p.m. Bissonnette and Dany Coulombe drop the gloves. I call it a draw.

8:43p.m. LaBelle gets White's sixth goal. Chaput with an assist.

8:45p.m. Blue's lead is down to one, as Morin scored for White. Ward with an assist.

9:00p.m. Blue holds onto a 8-7 victory. Clarke almost tied it up with underv 15 seconds to go with a blast. It just went wide. LaBelle couldn't convert on the rebound.

That's all folks.

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