Sunday, August 3, 2008

Updates Please!

So this is bothering me this summer but I pretty frustrated on the lack of updates from USA Hockey Website from Select Camps and now the Under 20 Evaluation Camp. There's nothing from Lake Placid on news or notes. I know there hasn't been any exhibition games yet because Finland and Sweden just arrived today. It doesn't mean nothing has been going down. You can have player interviews and coaches interviews.

This camp should be a big deal and should be featured on the front page. Not only these players are going to be represent the United States at the World Junior Championships in Ottawa this December; some of these players will be playing the NHL in a couple of years.

Obviously the camp has just started and there should be more coverage as the week goes along but if you head over to the front page, you wouldn't of known that the camp is going on. They have a picture from one of the Select Camps that just finished up. I am not saying to take away these kids (the select camp) spotlight but its the same photo for the last couple of days. As a major website for all of hockey in the United States, it should be updated frequently.

Speaking of the Select Camps, can't you update the results. I am trying to follow the Select 15's and they haven't updated any of the scores. This is a big event because these kids are on the radar for the National Team Development Program and it gives me a good idea who to keep an eye on this season.

Hockey Canada does a better job of updating their website. Even though there's no interviews on the website, you know there's a camp going on. They even have live score updates as the game is going on. When the World Junior camp was held last week you knew it was going on. Now the Selection camp for the Ivan Hlinka Tournament is going on and they tell you when you enter the homepage. It's a hard time to find information on the Under-17 camps that just went on through out from our friends from up north because which each province has its own website. The provinces didn't do a good job updating information from their camp.

As you can see, its been a slow news day so far. I am just waiting for the first scrimmage to get done at Canada's Under 18 camp to get down. Also you should checkout the NHL Arena Program's podcast that starts at 11pm Eastern Time tonight.

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