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2011 OHL Cup Tournament Schedule

Press Release

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Hockey League in association with the Greater Toronto Hockey League today announced the final schedule for the 2011 OHL Cup Showcase Tournament hosted by the GTHL. 
The puck drops Tuesday evening at 6:45 pm on Rink 2 at the Hershey Centre with the Markham Majors taking on the Barrie Colts.  Other Tuesday night action included the Toronto Marlboros against the Halton Hurricanes at 7:15 pm on the Main Bowl, the Toronto Jr. Canadiens and the York Simcoe Express at 8:30 pm on Rink 2, and the Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs against the Don Mills Flyers at 9:00 pm on the Main Bowl.

Round-robin action continues through Friday at Hershey Centre before the top two teams in each division qualify for one of the four Quarter-Final matchups on Saturday morning, with Semi-Final games played Saturday night at Hershey Centre.  The Championship Final is set for 2:00 pm at Herb Carnegie Arena in North York.

2011 OHL Cup Showcase Tournament Divisions (Final top-10 ranking in brackets):

Division 1:
Toronto Marlies (GTHL Champions) (1)
Halton Hurricanes (OMHA Invite)
North Jersey Americans (USA Invite)
Ottawa Valley Titans (ODMHA Finalists)
Great North Midget League Wolves (NOHA Representative)

Division 2:
Don Mills Flyers (GTHL Invite) (3)
St. Catharines Jr. Falcons (OMHA Invite)
Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs (ALLIANCE Champions) (5)
Ottawa Jr. 67’s (ODMHA Champions)
Oakville Rangers (OMHA Invite)

Division 3:
Welland Tigers (OMHA Champions) (6)
Mississauga Senators (GTHL Invite)
Thunder Bay Kings (HNO Representative)
Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL Finalists) (2)
York-Simcoe Express (OMHA Invite) (8)

Division 4:
Waterloo Wolves (ALLIANCE Finalists) (7)
Barrie Colts (OMHA Finalists) (9)
TPH Thunder (USA Invite)
Markham Majors (GTHL Invite) (10)
Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs (OMHA Invite)

2011 OHL Cup Showcase Tournament Schedule:

Tuesday March 22, 2011

Rink 1
7:15 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. Halton Hurricanes
9:00 pm Elgin Middlesex Chiefs vs. Don Mills Flyers

Rink 2
6:45 pm Markham Majors vs. Barrie Colts
8:30 pm Toronto Jr. Canadiens vs. York Simcoe Express

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Rink 1
9:00 am Welland Tigers vs. Mississauga Senators
10:45 am North Jersey Americans vs. Ottawa Valley Titans
12:30 pm Barrie Colts vs. TPH Thunder
2:15 pm Don Mills Flyers vs. St. Catharines Jr. Falcons
4:00 pm Markham Majors vs. Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
5:45 pm Elgin Middlesex Chiefs vs. Ottawa Jr. 67’s
7:30 pm Mississauga Senators vs. Thunder Bay Kings
9:15 pm St. Catharines Jr. Falcons vs. Oakville Rangers

Rink 2
8:30 am Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs vs. Waterloo Wolves
10:15 am Ottawa Jr. 67’s vs. Oakville Rangers
12:00 pm Thunder Bay Kings vs. Toronto Jr. Canadiens
1:45 pm GNML Wolves vs. Toronto Marlboros
3:30 pm York Simcoe Express vs. Welland Tigers
5:15 pm Ottawa Valley Titans vs. Halton Hurricanes
7:00 pm TPH Thunder vs. Waterloo Wolves
8:45 pm GNML Wolves vs. North Jersey Americans

Thursday March 24, 2011

Rink 1
9:00 am Ottawa Valley Titans vs. GNML Wolves
10:45 am Ottawa Jr. 67’s vs. St. Catharines Jr. Falcons
12:30pm Thunder Bay Kings vs. Welland Tigers
2:15 pm Waterloo Wolves vs. Barrie Colts

Rink 2
9:30 am Halton Hurricanes vs. North Jersey Americans
11:15 am Oakville Rangers vs. Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
1:00pm Mississauga Senators vs. York Simcoe Express
2:45 pm Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs vs. TPH Thunder

Friday March 25, 2011

Rink 1
9:00 am TPH Thunder vs. Markham Majors
10:45 am Welland Tigers vs. Toronto Jr. Canadiens
12:30 pm York Simcoe Express vs. Thunder Bay Kings
2:15 pm Halton Hurricanes vs. GNML Wolves
4:00 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. Ottawa Valley Titans
5:45 pm Toronto Jr. Canadiens vs. Mississauga Senators

Rink 2
8:30 am Don Mills Flyers vs. Ottawa Jr. 67’s
10:15 am North Jersey Americans vs. Toronto Marlboros
12:00 pm St. Catharines Jr. Falcons vs. Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
1:45 pm Barrie Colts vs. Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
3:30 pm Oakville Rangers vs. Don Mills Flyers
5:15 pm Waterloo Wolves vs. Markham Majors

Saturday March 26, 2011

Rink 1
10:30 am Q-Final 2 - 1ST PLACE DIV 2 vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 3
12:15 pm Q-Final 4 - 1ST PLACE DIV 1 vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 4

5:00 pm Winner Quarter Final 1 Winner Quarter Final 2
7:00 pm Winner Quarter Final 3 Winner Quarter Final 4

Rink 2
10:00 am Q-Final 1 - 1ST PLACE DIV 3 vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 2
11:45 am Q-Final 3 - 1ST PLACE DIV 4 vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 1

Sunday March 27, 2011

2:00 pm Championship Game Herb Carnegie Arena

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