Thursday, December 27, 2012


Press Release

1-YORKTON TERRIERS (24-8-0-1) … 1st last week
Clear cut #1 right now.

2-HUMBOLDT BRONCOS (21-10-2-0) … 5th last week
Defense wins championships and the Broncos are as stingy as they come.

3-NOTRE DAME HOUNDS (21-10-0-3) … 2nd last week
A terrific first half for the Hounds, now the games get tougher.  Will they respond?
4-FLIN FLON BOMBERS (23-13-0-0) … 4th last week
The faded badly in December, now the games are going to be even harder in January.

5-MELVILLE MILLIONAIRES (19-12-1-2) …. 3rd last week
Showing signs of regrouping; but still not quite right.

6-BATTLEFORDS NORTH STARS (17-14-1-1) … 6th last week
Kevin Hasselberg has to be thrilled with how his team has come together in the last month.

7-NIPAWIN HAWKS (16-11-1-4) … 7th last week
Melville North has teased its fans with some elite nights, but underwhelmed at other times.

8-ESTEVAN BRUINS (12-17-2-0) … 9th last week
Can they become a factor now that they are getting some bodies back?

9-LA RONGE ICE WOLVES (13-20-0-3) … 10th last week
Rebuilding effort may still result in Ice Wolves making the playoffs.

10-KINDERSLEY KLIPPERS (12-17-3-2) … 8th last week
They dropped a pair to struggling Flin Flon to end the pre-Christmas schedule.

11-MELFORT MUSTANGS (12-18-1-1) … 11th last week
Not a good time to not play well.

12-WEYBURN RED WINGS (9-19-0-2) … 12th last week
Winless in five heading to the break.


Colby Daniels, Kindersley (9-7-9-16)
Has actually been on the scoresheet in eleven of his last twelve.

Josh Roach, Flin Flon (9-5-5-10)
Not easy for a defenseman to play at a point per game clip all season, but Roach has done it.

Jesse Bernard, Nipawin (5-1-7-8)
Heating up just as the games start to get a little tougher.

Logan Sproule, Humboldt (5-1-6-7)
He won’t put up Roach-like offense, but the rest of his game is so good you don’t mind at all.

Brady Norrish, Yorkton (10-2-9-11)
Norrish just one of a number of defensemen emerging throughout the season.

Ian McNulty, Melville (5-5-3-8) & Russell Trudeau, Melville (5-3-5-8)
With McNulty back healthy, Trudeau’s game has taken off again.

Matt Hrynkiw, Humboldt (4-2, 1.34, .947, 2SO)
Well on his way to being named Goalie Of The Month for the second month in a row

Alex Wakaluk, Melville (4-4, 1.99, .938, 1SO)
If his teammates ever start scoring, they are going to be incredibly tough with this guy posting the numbers he has all year long

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