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MJHL Announces 2012-2013 All-Star and Futures Game Participants

Press Release

HAWTHORNE, NJ – The Metropolitan Junior Hockey League is pleased to announce its selections for the 2013 All-Star Game and the MJHL Futures Game.  Both games will be taking place at Iorio Arena in Walpole, Massachusetts on Sunday, January 27, 2013.  The selections for both games were made the All-Star Committee based on coaching recommendations and player evaluations.  Players selected for the All-Star Game were chosen from among a pool of all MJHL rostered players and players selected for the Futures Game were chosen from among MJHL rostered players with a birth date falling in between 1/1/1995 and 12/31/1997.

All-Star Team North                                                 All-Star Team South
Forwards                                                                   Forwards
Jake Bichko                  Long Island Royals               Jon Ballard                  Richmond Generals
Jack Dieber                   New Jersey Rockets             Dillon Balsamo            Richmond Generals
Andrew Etheridge        Cranston Reds                       Matt Burton                 Richmond Generals
James Hall                    Long Island Royals               Ryan Cheng                 Metro Moose
Daniel Harrington        Cranston Reds                       William Dovenero        Junior Titans
Togo Kaneko               Boston Junior Rangers          Jordan Klimovsky        Central Penn Panthers
Cameron Klein             New Jersey Rockets              John Kowalewski        Philadelphia Little Flyers
Stas Kolotvin                Walpole Express                    Nikita Samoylov          Junior Titans
Anthony Koslow          Long Island Royals                  Eric Tien                      Richmond Generals
Spencer Martin             Northern Cyclones                 Todd Unger                  Junior Titans
Garrit Otten                  Laconia Leafs                         Steven Valva                Richmond Generals
Greg Stoya                   Boston Junior Rangers            Cody Williams             New Jersey Renegades
                                                                                     Justin Nugent               Philadelphia Little Flyers
Defensemen                                                                Defensemen
Ryan Amalfitano           Cranston Reds                       Joseph Cashman          Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights
Tom Brunski                 Connecticut Wolfpack           Kevin Cortivo              Richmond Generals
Michael Cartwright       Long Island Royals                Dave Desario               Central Penn Panthers
Cameron Choate           Northern Cyclones                 Thomas Doheny          Metro Moose
Michael Fogarty            Long Island Royals                Tyler Krasner              Washington Junior Nationals
Matt Kelly                     Boston Junior Rangers           Alexander Tan             Philadelphia Little Flyers
Michael Whelan            New Jersey Rockets               Will Wickersham         Richmond Generals
Teddy Wood                 New Jersey Rockets               Diego Wilson              Richmond Generals
Goaltenders                                                                 Goaltenders
Jared Dauphinais           Boston Junior Rangers           Yoshihiro Kuroiwa     Richmond Generals
Corey Cairo                   Long Island Royals               Joshua Creelman        New Jersey Rockets
Coaches                                                                       Coaches
Ken Hoey                      Long Island Royals                Chris Cerella              Connecticut Wolfpack
Rich DeCaprio              Boston Junior Rangers            Brandon Kape            Junior Titans
All-Star Game Alternates (Alternates will be used as replacements for either team)
Tyler Hines                   Connecticut Wolfpack
John Wendling              Central Penn Panthers
Mikio Minobe               Boston Junior Rangers
Christopher Zaverdas    Long Island Royals
Benoit Niclot                Central Penn Panthers

Futures Game Team Atlantic                                Futures Game Team Metropolitan
Forwards                                                                 Forwards
Drew Carriere              Northern Cyclones               Austin Albrecht            New Jersey Renegades
Derek Caruso               Metro Moose                       Dominic Brenza            Central Penn Panthers
Paul Filippone              Cranston Reds                     Troy Conzo                   New Jersey Rockets
Michael Gillespie         New York Saints                 Christopher Gambardella New Jersey Rockets
Domenic Grillo            Cranston Reds                     Richie McCartney          Central Penn Panthers
Sean Hess                    Walpole Express                  Connor McNamara        Philadelphia Little Flyers
Jimmy Madigan           Northern Cyclones               Charlie Ricard                Philadelphia Junior Flyers
Machlan Sawden         Connecticut Wolfpack         Chandler Yakimowicz   Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights
Paul Vella                    Metro Moose                       Zachary Zaroba               Long Island Royals
Defensemen                                                             Defensemen
Shane Branca              Northern Cyclones               Austin Dittenhafer          Central Penn Panthers
Ryan Burr                   Junior Titans                         Dillon Greene                 New Jersey Rockets
Will Gaspar                 Connecticut Wolfpack          Joseph Maguire              Long Island Royals
Nick Picnic                 Metro Moose                         Charles McAvoy           New Jersey Rockets
Steve Ruggiero           Metro Moose                         Cole Nichols                 Richmond Generals
Shayne Smith             Walpole Express                    Ryan Reeves                 Richmond Generals
Goaltenders                                                             Goaltenders
Kyle Carducci             Connecticut Wolfpack          Kristaps Nazarovs         Richmond Generals
Trevor Ralph               Junior Titans                         Joshua Sarlo                  New Jersey Rockets
Coaches                                                                   Coaches
Craig Doremus            Metro Moose                        R.C. Lyke  Richmond Generals
Frank O’Connor          Northern Cyclones               Bob Thornton  New Jersey Rockets
Futures Game Alternates (Alternates will be used as replacements for either team)
Brad Theodoulou         Boston Junior Rangers
Andrew Yasenchock    Junior Titans
Alexander Tan             Philadelphia Little Flyers
Nicholas Lefave           Northern Cyclones
E.J. Gordon                 New Jersey Renegades
The 2013 MJHL All-Star Gane will be held on the NHL Rink at 10:40AM (10:10AM warmups) and the 2013 MJHL Futures will take to the ice on the Olympic Rink at 11:00AM (10:30AM warmup).  The All-Stars will play a regulation MJHL game consisting of three twenty minute periods and the Futures will be playing a showcase style game with two twenty-five minute periods.  Both games will be broadcast live via FASTHockey.
There will be a $5.00 general admission fee to the event.  For credential information, please contact MJHL Director of Social Media and Communication, Charles O’Brien at

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