Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fenwick Gets 15 Games

OHL Press Release

The Ontario Hockey League today announced the result of its review of an incident which occurred in the game played in Oshawa, Ontario on the 16th of November, 2008 between the Generals and the visiting Kingston Frontenacs Hockey Club which saw player Zack Fenwick of the Kingston Frontenacs being assessed a match penalty for attempt to injure.

The incident in question resulted in a head injury to player Conor Stokes of the Oshawa Generals Hockey Club.

In making the announcement as the result of the review, Commissioner David Branch stated that “the League is persuaded that player Fenwick did not intend to injure the Oshawa player, and although player Fenwick has shown deep remorse, and such actions are uncharacteristic, they were most inappropriate and concerning and we must all work to eliminate these type of bullying tactics from our game. We are most fortunate that player Stokes of the Oshawa Generals was not more seriously injured."

“It is the position of the Ontario Hockey League that player Zack Fenwick of the Kingston Frontenacs Hockey Club be suspended for fifteen (15) games effective immediately."

He totally deserves fifteen games. What he did was uncalled for. Conor Stokes was down and Fenwick thought he was a rag doll. If you haven't seen the video, here it is.

That's My Take

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Anonymous said...

15 games is a Joke. He should only get mabye a game. Commissioner David Branch is promoteing High sticks, and slashes. Hockey is a tough game.

Also give Stokes a game for turtling. Hey stokes it is your draft year. A scrap will help your draft, just a hint.

Doogie2K said...

Ignoring Anon, I agree a suspension was warranted for what looked like a pair of sucker punches, but fifteen feels excessive to me, though I admit I'm a bit old-fashioned. (I also didn't see if it was a stick or a punch on the first hit.)