Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beach at it again

Kyle Beach is in the news again. He been subject of controversy throughout his junior career.

This happened Wednesday night in the 7-5 victory for the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

This is one of the most unsportsmanlike things I have seen in a while. You don't need to show off on an open net goal. He had no defenseman there to get around. There's no style points in a goal. To take a Don Cherry phrase "Act like you've been there before."

I have no problem for the Medicine Hat Tigers going after him. They wanted to knock some sense into the kid. I look at this incident like the Terrell Owens incident when he stood on the "Star" when the 49er's played the Cowboys. It's disrespectful.

How about the color commentator with his homerism. He went past Jack Edwards' homerism (NESN's play by play announcer for the Boston Bruins). Yes throwing the stick is a penalty but after that it was all homerism.

I do have to say Matt McCue (27 Tigers) did go to far by fighting someone who wanted no part. Where were the Hurricanes coaches to make sure no one came off the bench? That's bad coaching. I know Dwight King (who was named the 1st star with 2 goals.) wanted to help his teammates but you should know not to leave the bench.

Andy Kemper had an interesting take on the situation. Regan Bartel also has some comments on the brawl.

The WHL handed down suspensions yesterday.

That's My Take

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wrap around curl said...

Seriously, it's bothersome that as young as he is, he has had so many problems. And continues to.

Anonymous said...


Isn't Beach drafted? The BLACKHAWKS drafted him #11 overall? Are they serious?

Why do teams seem so enamored with players that have personalities like Mike Danton and Steve Downie? Now, don't jump all over me for putting those two in the same sentence. Danton's a criminal and Downie's a cheap punk. I know that, but both have mental deficiencies.

You can be an instigator without being a cheap punk. Many players have done it over the years. Dino Cicarelli, Bob Probert (well...maybe he's bit over the line), Tomas Holmstrom, Joey Kocur, Gordie Howe...many MANY others.

I don't think the Blackhawks were very smart. In fact, I think Tallon was retarded. Sure, he's talented, but he's ridiculously immature and stupid. Would I draft him if I were a GM?

Sure. But I wouldn't draft him in the top 4 rounds. Head cases are like projects. There's just as much of a chance they won't pan out due to off ice issues and on ice stupidity than having issues with skating mechanics and defensive aptitude.

You just can't fix this kind of stupid. And now the Hawks are stuck.

Good news is that the WHL will have him around longer than the average 11th overall pick would be. I doubt Tallon would want him in the system until he's older and hopefully wiser.