Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweden's 2010 WJC Roster

I am going to try take a stab with Sweden.


Jacob Markstrom (Brynas SEL)
Sebastian Idoff (Frolunda SuperElit)

Other Possibilities

Anders Nilsson (Luleå SuperElit)
Alexander Jirhage (Djurgården SuperElit)

Despite his antics on the ice Jakob Markstrom is an elite goalie prospect. Sebastian Idoff has put up good numbers with Frolunda's U-20 team. He has spent time with Borås HC of the Allsvenskan.


Victor Hedman (MODO SEL)
Erik Karlsson (Frolunda SEL)
David Rundblad (Skellefteå AIK SEL)
Tim Erixon (Skellefteå AIK SEL)
Simon Löf (Brynas SuperElit)
Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Leksand Allsvenskan)
Mattias Ekholm (Mora Allsvenskan)

Other Possibilities

Anton Mylläri (Vasteras Allsvenskan)
Henrik Tömmernes (Frolunda SEL)
Adam Almquist (HV71 SuperElit)
Simon Bertilsson (Brynas SuperElit)

More then likely that Sweden would get their top pairing back. Both Hedman and Karlsson will get long looks at NHL camps. According to Elitprospects, both player's Swedish contracts end this season.


Marcus Johansson (Färjestad SEL)
Jacob Josefson (Djurgården SEL)
André Petersson (HV71 SEL)
Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson (Timira SEL)
Mattias Tedenby (HV71 SEL)
Anton Gustafsson (Frolunda SEL)
Anton Rödin (Brynas SuperElit)
Victor Öhman (Malmö SuperElit)
Stefan Warg (Seattle Thunderbirds WHL)
Johannes Tornberg (Luleå SuperElit)
Marcus Krüger (Djurgården SuperElit)
Jakob Silfverberg (Brynäs SuperElit)
Gabriel Landeskog (Djurgården SuperElit)

Other Possibilities

Alexander Hilmerson
Andreas Gröndahl (Södertälje SuperElit)
Thom Flodqvist (Södertälje SuperElit)
Jens Holmström (Troja-Ljungby SuperElit)
Ted Brithén (Rogle SuperElit)
Victor Hertzberg ((Frolunda SuperElit)

MSP will be the go to guy. Marcus Johansson and Jacob Josefson should have a breakout year. Tedneby will be another guy. Victor Öhman will be 2010 eligible and Sweden likes to bring draft eligible players. He has decent numbers at the SuperElit level.

That's My Take

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What do you mean by "antics"? Anywhere outside Canada, Sweden would have won.

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Oscar Worthy