Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beach Suspended

Kyle Beach is in the news again as he got a three game suspension. On Saturday night, he shot the puck into the stands. Over at the Red Deer Scene, Andrew Walker believes Beach was trying to bang it off the glass.

Upon watching the video replay, I'll admit, it was pretty evident that Beach ducked his head in anxiety as he the puck cleared the glass, so I AM pretty convinced he didn't mean to fire it into the crowd, but rather smack it off the glass.

I don't know about this. If there was no real intent, then why the suspension? People have different angles when viewing something. Could previous history be playing in the role in this?

There seems to be no video on this incident.

I wander how much the Chicago Blackhawks will put up with all his incidents? They don't have to sign him but wouldn't that be a publicity nightmare not signing a first round pick. They could trade his rights but will another team give him a second chance?

How about the Lethbridge Hurricanes who traded for him a few weeks back? He has nine goals and five assists in 9 games since the trade. They are seventh in the Eastern Conference and trying to battle out for a playoff position. These three games are huge for them and not having him in the line up isn't a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, Kyle Beach and Akim Aliu should make for interesting times in the windy city.