Friday, January 30, 2009

The USHL suspends Tropp

The USHL has suspended Sioux Falls Stampede forward Corey Tropp for atleast two games for his role in the Steve Kampfer attack last week.

"We are as concerned as everyone in the hockey community that the on-ice actions of Mr. Tropp be recognized as fundamentally unacceptable to the game of hockey at any level," said Commissioner Skip Prince.

He left Michigan State earlier this week when the school suspended him for the rest of the season and returned to Sioux Falls where he spent two seasons.

In his first public comments since the incident Tropp said it was out of character for him.

I’ve been definitely thinking about it a lot. The action I took was out of character for me. It’s one of those things that was heat of the moment, it wasn’t premeditated or anything like that. But I think the roughest thing has been all of the media attention it’s got. It’s kind of gone a little overboard.

I like the fact that the USHL isn't going to let him off the hook. As I mentioned Monday over at The Program, Conboy and Tropp shouldn't run to a junior league and continue to play.

Over at MGoBlog they want the players to be kicked off the team. I say they are suspended for the rest of the year and hopefully they don't leave school. It would be an actual punishment and instead of letting them go and sign a pro contract. We will find out this week when the CCHA comes out with their decision later this week.

He could be suspended longer but the USHL is investigating the incident.

We believe it is only fair to meet with Mr. Tropp as well. Given the timing of this matter, that hearing will not occur until after this weekend's USHL schedule has been completed. The determination as to what further sanctions, if any, are appropriate will be concluded prior to the re-commencement of the USHL season after our All-Star break."

Prince further noted, "We note that this is a case of first impression for the USHL – that is, we've not had to address the question of a player joining our league following a suspension at the NCAA level. There is nothing in our rules or regulations regarding the matter, so was both well within the rights of the Sioux Falls Stampede, and appropriate, for them to add Mr. Tropp to their roster pending the League's decision as to appropriate suspension. We're all trying to do the right thing here."

Here's the video of the incident.

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