Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Press Release

 1-YORKTON TERRIERS (19-7-0-1) … 3rd last week
Terriers have reeled off seven wins in a row, have solved their three goalie monster, are showing great depth again up front, and have won eleven of twelve at home.

2-NOTRE DAME HOUNDS (16-7-0-3) … 1st last week
They finally lost after going 10-0-0-1 through November; but Reichenbach continues to carry a hot hand as he’s 12-2-and-1 overall.

3-FLIN FLON BOMBERS (20-8-0-0) … 2nd last week
A 14-and-1 home record is what separates the Bombers from the rest of the pack right now.

4-HUMBOLDT BRONCOS (16-7-2-0) … 5th last week
The Broncos are pretty good at home too (10-and-2), which means the one contender that can figure out how to win consistently on the road is going to have a leg up.

5-MELVILLE MILLIONAIRES (16-9-0-2) … 6th last week
They think they’re contenders after the Boyer/Ritchie acquisition; but they will have to improve on their 1-4-0-and-2 record against Terriers/Broncos/Bombers.  They are, however, 2-and-0 against the Hounds.

6-NIPAWIN HAWKS (12-8-1-4) … 4th last week
Hawks have lost just twice in their last ten, but Saturday’s tight squeaker defeat to the Mils drops them below Melville.

7-BATTLEFORDS NORTH STARS (13-12-0-1) … 7th last week
Stars won five straight before faltering in Yorkton and Melville, which isn’t unusual for most teams.  The hot streak allowed Hasselberg to sit tight until, at least, January 10th.

8-MELFORT MUSTANGS (11-13-1-1) … 10th last week
With La Ronge signaling a rebuild, should the Mustangs be looking to bolster their squad over the next month?  They could use a bit more scoring although they are now 3-0-and-1 in last four.

9-LA RONGE ICE WOLVES (9-16-0-3) … 12th last week
They’ve won two straight and have been adequate at home.  It’s their abysmal road record that’s killing them.  Still, they can reach up and bite anyone.  Ask Notre Dame.

10-WEYBURN RED WINGS (8-16-0-0) … 11th last week
They’ve won three straight and split their last ten as they creep back into the playoff picture at the expense of struggling teams in front of them.

11-KINDERSLEY KLIPPERS (8-14-2-2) … 9th last week
Disheartening loss on the week to the Mustangs.  Like a lot of sub.500 teams, the road record is an issue and they are winless in three overall.

12-ESTEVAN BRUINS (8-14-2-0) … 8th last week
The SJHL’s biggest tease for the last number of years is at it again.  Just when you think they might give Melville a run for third, they lose four in a row and sit just two points up on arch rival Weyburn.


Braden Oleksyn, La Ronge (10-8-4-12) … SJHL’s youngest player not playing like it.

Brett Boehm, Flin Flon (7-5-5-10) … It’s the year of the rookie in the SJHL with Boehm, Sam Aulie, and Oleksyn ranking among the league’s best, not just first year bests.

Patrick Martens, Yorkton (6-5-4-9) … Just another forward on the Terrier roster who, steadily, puts up numbers.

Colby Daniels, Kindersley (5-4-2-6) … He’ll have to keep picking up the slack in wake of Connor Gay going to the WHL.

Sebastian Beauregard, La Ronge (3-0-6-6) … Another player who will be counted on to score more after key losses.

Matt Hrynkiw, Humboldt (4-2, 1.00, .965) … He’s not only one of the league’s best, he may be THE best right now.

Davis Jones, Nipawin (5-2-0-1, 1.61, .949, 2 SO) … A big reason why the Hawks have lost only twice in regulation over the last ten and why they are in so many low scoring close games.

Connor Creech, Battlefords (6-3, 2.14, .921) … I guess he didn’t want to see any of his fellow veterans or himself moved on December 1st!

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