Friday, December 14, 2012


Press Release sent to the World of Junior Hockey

DUBUQUE, Iowa –If the Mayan Theory is correct, the world is set to end in just a matter of days on December 21. While this theory likely happens to be another scare in the nature of Y2K or the Zombie Apocalypse, the Dubuque Fighting Saints are taking no chances, and have decided to throw one last bash…just in case…at Saturday night’s game versus the Chicago Steel. With this evening being the Fighting Saints last game prior to the Mayan Theory’s end date of December 21, the Fighting Saints want to make sure that if the worst happens, that they go out in style and with a grand celebration. With this, the Fighting Saints will host the “Last Saints Game Ever,” on Saturday evening, with puck drop slated for 7:05 p.m.
The Fighting Saints hope the game Saturday not only provides fans one last time watching their favorite team take the ice, but also provides a chance to celebrate the world, as well as prepare for survival for the pending doomsday. In-arena entertainment and the entire evening will focus around making sure fans have had a chance to celebrate the great moment’s in the world, and Fighting Saints history, as well provide tips and practice for continued existence through what is said to be the end of the world.
"At playoff time, coaches often inspire their players to 'Play like there's no tomorrow,'" said Fighting Saints President Dan Lehv.  "I think this takes that to another level."
Just in case the days are limited, there is no better way to spend the little time left than with the ones you love. Saturday evening marks a TH Family Four Pack Night. This special deal is good for four tickets, four drinks, and four slices of Domino’s Pizza starting at just $48.
During the second intermission, the Fighting Saints will host a Meteor Race, presented by Radio Dubuque. Two contestants will take the ice for a battle of the survival of the fittest. The two participants will be racing on the ice for food, water, warmth, and will attempt to make it to shelter. While battling each other and the clock, the contestants will have to dodge black Chuck-A-Puck meteors being thrown at them. The first contestant to slide into the net serving as shelter wins not only the race, but also the title of being the last man standing.
Breaks in the action during the game will serve as a time to look back at the world’s greatest moments, as well as celebrate the great moments in Fighting Saints history, you know, just in case the worst does happen. Dubuque players will also be asked to weigh in on what their “End of the World” destination would be. A confessional booth will setup in the arena for fans to get anything off their chest just in time prior to the December 21 doomsday. Music during the game will be themed to the tune of celebrating, throwing a grand party, and survival.
With the possibility the world may end next week, the Fighting Saints have invited local youth hockey players to take the ice during the game’s first intermission. Just in case the world does end and these young players careers may be cut short, the Fighting Saints want to make sure the youngsters have the thrill of a lifetime by getting to play a game in front of the crowd at the Mystique Community Ice Center.
Tickets are available for the “Last Saints Game Ever,” by calling 563.583.6880 or online at Tickets are available as well for all remaining home games after December 21…just in case.

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