Monday, July 29, 2013

Klippers Commit to 3-Year Payment of Debt

Press Release

The Town of Kindersley and Junior Klippers have reached an agreement to assist the local hockey franchise pay its outstanding debt to the Town.
The Klippers will dedicate a minimum of $500 of the proceeds from every gate toward re-payment of the debt, which totals $80,585.61. This schedule, combined with other creative fundraising initiatives, should allow the organization to complete re-payment within three years.
Klippers president Mark Elliott says the agreement allows the team to focus on strengthening its season ticket base while setting a reasonable timeline to get solid financial footing.
“We have a plan in place and are moving forward but the Klippers need the community behind them to keep the team here.”
Elliott adds that the Klippers had not requested the debt to be forgiven, but were asking for a reasonable repayment schedule.
The Town supports, in principle, the repayment schedule proposed by the Junior Klippers. A formal resolution will be presented to Council for approval at the August 12 Regular Meeting of Council.
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