Saturday, November 9, 2013

WHL and Stagg Chili Saves For Success

Press Release

CALGARY, AB – Hormel Foods, the maker of STAGG® Chili, is proud to continue its commitment for the second consecutive year as an official sponsor of the Western Hockey League and founder of the SAVES for SUCCESS program. The program aims to contribute up to $30,000 to minor hockey teams in Ontario and Western Canada.

Teams go to and submit a photo of teammates showing STAGG® Chili products in a fun and creative way.  Team members, friends and family go on-line to vote for their team.  Winning teams – six in each division (Ontario and Western Canada) – will be awarded cash prizes to be used to fund team jerseys, ice time costs and other related minor hockey team expenses.  The prize pool has a new structure for the 2013/2014 season.

- First Place in each division: $5,000
- Second through Fifth Place in each division: $2,000
- One Wildcard Draw in each division (minimum 250 votes): $2,000

A parent from one of last year’s winning teams, Strathmore Storm, Fern Pagenkopf says: "The winnings were put into the pool of funding for all Strathmore minor hockey jerseys.  The Bantam girls team is also wearing the STAGG® Chili crest on the bottom of their jerseys in recognition of the sponsorship."

Larry Raskin, an International Brand Manager at Hormel says it’s a fitting partnership: “A favourite winter meal from the #1 brand of chili and the #1 winter sport in Canada.  The SAVES for SUCCESS program allows us to contribute to hockey at the grass roots level in a way that is fun and allows STAGG® Chili to connect with families, communities and the game of hockey.”

STAGG® Chili is the Number 1 chili in Canadian grocery stores.  The STAGG® brand was established in 1956 and is owned by Hormel Foods Corp.  Since 1891, the name Hormel has been synonymous with quality, value and innovation. 

The WHL consists of 22 member clubs with 17 based in Canadian markets and 5 in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.  It is a member of the Canadian Hockey League, which is the leading producer of talent for the National Hockey League, Canadian University Hockey and Canadian National Hockey Teams.  The WHL is the leading supplier of Hockey Scholarships in Western Canada, awarding 305 academic scholarships to WHL graduates in 2013-14.

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