Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Petes Unveil New Jersey Designs and Colours

Press Release to see the jerseys

The Peterborough Petes are extremely excited to unveil new jersey designs for the 2014-2015 season. The Petes will wear three different jersey designs next season. The light jerseys will feature cream colouring with black and maroon accents, the dark jerseys will feature black colouring with cream and maroon accents, and the traditional jerseys will replicate the current maroon and white jerseys worn by the team.

In a press conference held today that was open to the public, Vice President of the Petes Board of Directors Dave Pogue noted that “the new design is a fresh look that also incorporates the proud history of this franchise and important aspects of our past.”

“This new jersey style and colour scheme that was unveiled today is fresh and exciting, but also incorporates the Petes’ heritage and tradition,” added Petes General Manager Michael Oke. “The Peterborough Petes will continue to boast one of the most recognizable jerseys and logos in all of hockey – if not in all of sport.”

A very limited number of new jerseys will be available at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season. Fans in attendance at the press conference were able to place a deposit and secure one of the first jerseys. A few jerseys are still available to be pre-ordered by calling or visiting the Petes Store inside the Peterborough Memorial Centre.

Why change the jersey design and colours?

The Peterborough Petes changed their jerseys for the 50th anniversary season in 2006, unveiling a new design and colours for the special occasion. Fans and media, as well as players, coaches, and staff members had a very positive reaction to the style, which is one of the inspirations for the new jersey design. The updated modern look of the new jerseys is a way for the Petes organization to be progressive while also recognizing and incorporating our past and tradition.

Why announce this now?

The process for designing and producing new jerseys is a long process, and our goal is to share the news with our fans before they encounter jersey designs in manufacturer sales materials for the upcoming season. The Petes also have a longstanding and successful partnership with the Peterborough Minor Hockey Association. The Petes don’t expect all minor hockey teams to change to the new jersey design, but those that wish to change need to know with enough lead time to order new jerseys. The Petes fully support teams that choose to wear the traditional maroon and white jerseys.

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