Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Press Release

The Yorkton Terriers are pleased to announce the re-signing of two important personnel to the team.

First, the renewal of a two-year contract with GM Don Chesney, and second, the the renewal of a two-year contarct with Coach Trent Cassan. Both Don & Trent have done a great job of putting an exciting team together the past couple of years and the Terriers are sitting with a great young team this year, that has lots of promise for future years.

”It's a pleasure to announce to the team and fans that we were able to renew these individuals for the next couple seasons,” said Terrier President Lyle Walsh.

We are very happy both gentlemen committed to the Terriers for the next two seasons. This ensures stability for the club and ensures the franchise will move forward in the proper direction under their leadership.

The Terriers look forward to the upcoming playoffs and future seasons with this announcement already in place.

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