Saturday, February 18, 2012


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SAINT JOHN – The Saint John Sea Dogs were big winners at the Saint John Saltys Social Media Awards Thursday at the Saint John Ale House.

Three of the five categories featured Sea Dogs related nominations, and all three walked away winners. Forward Jonathan Huberdeau (@JonnyHuby11) won the first award of the night, as he was named Twitter Person of the Year. The Florida Panthers prospect edged web marketing expert Dan Culberson, uptown resident Chris Dever, Fusion SJ chair Kelly Lawson and community researcher Kurt Peacock.

“Proud winner of the Twitter person of the year!! Thanks everyone for your support,” Huberdeau tweeted after accepting the mounted salt shaker to place alongside his Memorial Cup most valuable player trophy.

Dever, however, was not a gracious loser. “It’s official, @JonnyHuby11 and I are Twitter rivals,” he tweeted. “There is only one way to settle this… in a shootout.”

Next up was Sea Dogs blog Station Nation, nominated in the Coolest Blog category. The independent blog that covers all things Sea Dogs beat out Barb Barb Barb, Bite By Michelle, Judith Mackin and Maritime Shopaholic.

Finally, Sea Dogs TV captured the award for Hottest YouTube ahead of Ale House TV, Discover Saint John, Hawkalicious, and Mill Rats TV. Sea Dogs TV, the team’s official YouTube channel, features interviews and highlights throughout the season.

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